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Experience the difference that ProSet Systems can make in Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical pipe installation.  

For over twenty years, ProSet has provided penetrators that feature integrated firestopping. They are state-of-the-art sleeving systems that automatically fire-stop pipes passing through fire-rated floors and walls. Because these penetration systems also contain smoke and water, they help reduce overall fire damage.

But ProSet Systems go further than that, yielding benefits to contractors in productivity, installation cost and in the quality of the work performed. Others who benefit include the building owner/ developer, specifying engineers, general contractors and plumbing inspectors. You can learn more about the benefits of using ProSet by clicking here.

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Increasing Urgency of Waterproofing
With the mandated use of sprinkler systems, fire containment has improved considerably. Now, prevention of water damage, due to legitimate or accidental sprinkler use, leakages, overflows or water appliance malfunctions has become the highest priority. Tenant separation, with the ability to confine fire, smoke and water to its original location, has always been important. The implications of mold development have made the prevention of water penetration between floors and walls even more important.

All ProSet penetrations except the least expensive provide integrated water resistance. However, if you are in a situation where the penetration must be waterproof, you can use the new ProSet Water Guard penetration. For more information, click on the button, at right.

ProSet Systems Provide Real and Distinct Value:
Productivity for the Contractor, Tenant Separation for the Owner, and More

ProSet Systems are designed to provide solutions that benefit everyone. Find out how they will benefit you.

Productivity, Professionalism and Consistency:
Pipe Fabrication

ProSet has a proven system called Fixed Point Fabrication. It ensures that piping fabricated in the fab shop will fit perfectly into the couplings embedded in the poured concrete floor. This improves quality, improves productivity and reduces construction headaches and costs.

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Trap Guard
ProSet's product that addresses the problem of sewer gas prevention in infrequently used drains. It replaces the need for a trap primer and its simplicity and low cost give you much greater flexibility in drain placement.  

Trap Guard also allows much greater innovation in developing specialty and emergency drain systems, eliminating the need for traps and vents

Trap Guard US Patent Number: 6,795,987

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