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ProSet Systems, Inc. was the first company to test a firestop device at Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with U.L. #1479 and ASTM E-814 fire test standards.  The tests were conducted in May of 1982 making ProSet the most experienced provider of unique firestop sleeve devices.

ProSet’s complete line of “Firestop Penetrations” equals or surpasses all of the current building and life safety codes.  In addition to being fire rated, when our “Penetrations” are set in the concrete pour, they are highly water-resistant. Our Water Guard sleeves are rigorously tested to be used when the penetration must be waterproof.

Our Penetrators also allow pipe expansion and contraction and reduce pipe noise.

ProSet firestopping is accomplished by simply installing pipe, fittings and hangers, and the fire ratings are completed at the same time the pipe is installed!  This contributes significantly to improved scheduling and productivity and allows the piping trades to take care of their own fire rated  penetrations.

ProSet has developed three systems of firestopping: Systems “A”, “B” and “C”.   Each system is unique in the method it uses for penetrating floor & wall construction assemblies.  See Below for a description of these three systems.

Finding Products and Drawings

Whether you know the drawing number you need or you are not familiar with ProSet products and need guidance in selecting the right penetration, go to our Product Information page by clicking here.

The ProSet Firestop Manual

ProSet has a “Firestop Manual” showing detailed drawings and installation instructions which are in full compliance with Warnock Hersey ASTM E-814 and Can S-115 third  party fire testing. 

The manual has “Firestop Penetrator Matrix Guides” listing  common types of pipes and openings passing through different fire rated floors and walls.  You can download the appropriate Matrix, based on Construction Type, by clicking the corresponding button under "Downloads" at the top left of this page. You can access these Matrix Guides on our Product Information page by clicking here.

The matrix guides you to the desired detail drawing.  The drawings include a complete Warnock Hersey design number firestop assembly, showing an exploded view with component parts and the Warnock Hersey design listing number.

System "A" Penetrations

For Water, Electrical or Other Pass-Through Piping Cast-In Place or Through Cored Holes

System “A” is used mainly for pressure-type piping such as water, gas or electrical.

Blanks to 1½” pipes pass through the plug & sleeve.  The split ProSeal Plug driven into the topside of the sleeve will complete the securing and the firestopping of the pipe.  That’s it!  You’re done! 

The same process is used with pipes 2” through 10” except, instead of using the ProSeal Plug, a ProSet Riser Clamp is used.  The system can be used with insulated pipe by using an intumescent strip around the bottom of the sleeve. 


Provides a secure, water, smoke, and fire resistant penetration � Allows for pipe expansion and contraction � Eliminates clumsy riser clamps Reduces pipe noise through the penetration � Simple system for a pipe mechanic to properly install � Both metallic and non-metallic pipe.     


Water Heating & cooling Fire standpipe Sprinkler lines Temperature control Electrical conduit Condensate drains Glass acid waste pipe.

System "B" Penetrations
For No-Hub Cast Iron DWV Pipe Cast-In Place or Through Cored Holes

System “B” Penetrations are for cast iron. There are many variations depending on how you want to connect the piping to the sleeve couplings.  Choices are usually based upon pipe fabrications and ease of installation.  Whatever approach you use, ProSet has a specifically designed penetration sleeve, eliminating the time and nuisance of jury-rigging. Firestopping is accomplished by simply connecting to the sleeve coupling or running the pipe through the sleeve.  The penetrations  can be used through floors or walls. 

By using the ProSet sleeves, the piping is much easier to install.  All the openings are connected at the same time you are piping the system. There is no go-back work. 


Provides a water, smoke and fire resistant penetration � Secures the entire DWV stack & branch piping � Has a “Fixed Point” fabrication system � Allows an easy one-man installation � There is no other firestopping required � Installs easily, costs less, and produces a much better job.


Cast iron no-hub, copper or steel DWV piping � All types of plumbing floor fixture openings.

System "C" Penetrations
For Combustible Plastic and DWV Piping Cast-In Place or Through Cored Holes

System “C” Penetrators for combustible piping are fire protected with a built-in intumescent wrap strip in the bottom portion of the mounting flange. 

The sleeve coupling extends up from the mounting flange to fit flush with the concrete.  They can be used through floors and walls.

By using the ProSet sleeves, the piping is much easier to install.  As with System “B”, all the openings are connected at the same time you are piping the system.  There is no go-back work. 


Provides for water, smoke and fire resistant penetrations � Eliminates normal pipe expansion and contraction problems � Secures the entire DWV stack and branch piping � Has a “Fixed Point” fabrication system � Allows for an easy, one-man installation � There is no other firestopping required � Installs easily, cost less, and produces a much better job.


Combustible DWV piping � P.P. Acid waste and vents � All types of floor type plumbing openings

Sleeve-Supported Piping

Each ProSet penetration opening supports the pipe and serves as a hanger.  Generally there are no hangers needed to support the branch piping to the openings unless the length exceeds the recommended spacing. Only then should an additional hanger be required. 

For System “B”, pass through system, the ProSet Riser support is part of the firestop system and eliminates the need for the old-fashioned riser clamp.

For System “C”, each solvent-cemented joint acts as a hanger.  The Stack is supported by using a solvent cement dauber to swab around the pipe and the sleeve. This secures the pipe; there is no need for a riser support.

When contractors break down the cost of installing DWV piping in a building, they realize that at least 75% of their time is used for supporting and securing the piping system. 

Contractors who know how to use the ProSet System enjoy savings of about 50% on their labor costs.

Water Closets
Fire-Rated Water Closet Opening
Tub Box Opening
Fire-Rated Floor, Shower and Hub Drain Openings

The sleeve couplings can convert to water closet openings by using a ProSeal closet flange with a built-in elastomeric seal. This replaces the wax ring, which can get distorted after a period of time and leak sewer gas or water waste.

System “C” sleeve couplings (for plastic pipe) can be converted to water closet openings without using wrap strips. 


Wall Penetrations

When you need a firestop penetration of a fire-rated wall,  ProSet provides sleeves for concrete, block and gypsum walls. Our wall penetrations come with the same quality as our floor penetrations and have the same firestopping, waterproofing and productivity benefits.


Bathtubs are connected using our tub box: a rectangular box with a knockout in it for testing purposes; and a sleeve coupling at the bottom to connect the branch piping.  For System “C” (plastic piping), the sleeve coupling does not require a wrap strip.

This provides a key benefit: the ability to connect the branch pipe to the tub box coupling while installing the rest of the piping.  There is no reason to return to connect the tub, which saves time and money.


ProSet Hub-Seal
A Poke-Out Firestop Device

The Hub-Seal Device is used when ABS or PVC plastic pipe pokes out of fire-rated gypsum or masonry walls. The Hub-Seal device is easy to install with quick inspections. It is simply slipped over the hub portion of the fitting and secured. The firestopping is completed at the same time the rough-in piping is installed without any additional labor cost. The drywall installers can then complete the drywall with the firestops in place. The installation of a Hub-Seal is simple, even if the poke-out is at an angle.


We provide penetrations for all types of shower, floor, hub and roof drains and other openings - made with the sleeve coupling connection to the drain top.  It makes setting the drain much easier.  It comes complete with a mounting flange for securing to the wood form and a sleeve extension to match the elevation of the finished floor.  No more jury-rigging the drains to secure them into the pour.

For System “B” piping, firestopping is accomplished simply by connecting the drains to the cast iron or other metallic branch pipes.  The bottom connects to a P90 pipe nipple out of the sleeve coupling to a transitional no-hub coupling to the branch trap.

 ProSet also provides area, planter and roof drains. These, too, can be used in conjunction with ProSet’s Trap Guard when designing and installing an infrequently used drain - without having to worry about the installation, operation and cost of a trap primer. (See Specialty Drain Systems for additional information)  


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