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Benefits of the ProSet System for Architects

A Safer Building
Specifying ProSet Systems in new buildings will result in a safer building for the owner and tenants. ProSet sleeving systems have built in firestopping and smokeproofing to contain the danger from fire in a multi-story building.  Penetrations are fire tested and comply with ASTM E-814 and CAN S-115.

Waterproofing and Reduction of Risk of Mold
They also provide an important new solution to waterproofing and when designed in conjunction with ProSet Emergency Drain Systems, which feature the Trap Guard Drain System, they can provide containment of water damage due to a burst pipe, burst hose or the activation of a sprinkler system. This provides proper tenant separation, reduces headaches for the building owner and neighboring tenants and reduces the chances of mold due to water penetration between walls and floors.

Lower Costs
Because the use of ProSet Systems increases installation productivity and reduces construction costs, the Architect and engineer has the opportunity to increase safety, tenant separation, work quality and performance at a lower cost than traditional approaches.

ProSet achieves the seemingly contradictory aims of higher quality, better performance and lower costs through a thorough understanding of piping issues and the development of innovative solutions that come from decades of experience in the industry. This is fueled by a continuing desire to find a better way.

Flexibility in Design
ProSet Systems can be used with any construction system and with almost all types and sizes of pipe. ProSet also has a complete line of fire-rated, government spec drains that are much easier to install. They fit perfectly into the various depths of concrete pours without need to jury-rig with wires or spacers.

Higher Quality Piping Infrastructure
At the same time that ProSet Systems are increasing productivity and lowering costs, they are also enhancing the quality and consistency of the finished product. ProSet materials are high quality and fire-rated. There are no annular holes and caulking associated with traditional methods. Also, there are no traditional riser clamps and pipe hangers.

A Fixed Point Layout Method that Precisely Matches Design
The ProSet sleeves are installed with a precise layout. In order to make this easier and even more precise, ProSet has developed a simple system featuring a small template that is used in conjunction with a laser to assist with sleeve layouts. This not only pinpoints the location of sleeves faster but it means that the sleeve positions will match the design layout precisely and will consistently provide good results.

Assistance With Innovative or Difficult Design Issues
If the Architect or Engineer is facing an unusual design or specification problem due, for instance, to an unusual building design, you can call ProSet and they will provide you with the benefit of their decades of experience in penetrations and piping issues.

As an example, ProSet was asked if they could help with the piping in a building that had one side that was slanted. This required a stepped approach to the piping as it ascended which, in turn, required the installation of multiple tube turn offset joints on each floor. ProSet was able to come up with precise angle sleeves which allowed the piping to run straight between floors.

Solving the Problem of Drain Placement
ProSet has developed the Trap Guard System, which eliminates the need for trap primers for infrequently used drains. This makes it much easier to place drains wherever they are needed, without concern for sewer gas problems or using trap primers. This gives the Architect and Engineer a lot more flexibility for using drains for laundry rooms, condensate and other areas where the use of a trap primer would be too expensive or the piping would be too complex. ProSet also has a drain, usable with the Trap Guard, which is suitable for wood floors. This means that drains can be placed in laundry rooms, furnace rooms, etc. in multi-story apartment complexes. This was not an option before.  

Assistance with Design and Specs: The ProSet Systems Design Center
The expanded ProSet Systems product line provides many options, since it addresses Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Sprinkler applications and encompasses all major construction systems and types and sizes of pipe. We've made it easy and intuitive to get to the solution you need, view the drawings and Warnock Hersey listings and then download the drawings in CAD format. Visit

In summary, ProSet allows the Architect and Engineer to design and spec a building that is safer, of higher quality, lower cost, with more flexible design options and with fewer problems for operators and tenants.

Trap Guard US Patent Number: 6,795,987

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