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ProSetís Tri-Level, Waterproof 
Area Drains and Planter Drains

When area deck or planter drains penetrate concrete slabs above the ground floor, they need to be waterproofed. ProSet has developed a very inexpensive, simple, reliable and long-lasting system that provides for waterproofing as well as the drainage receptor.

The  system is called ProSetís Tri-Level Drainage System. It consists of ProSetís special cast-in-place coupling sleeve with a flanged interceptor top that is used for attaching, to the drain penetration, the waterproof membrane material that waterproofs the floor. This allows the water runoff through the sub-grade area into the drain itself through this special receptor. A perforated pipe, which drains the residual level, attaches to the upper drain body that drain the surface water. The way in which the drain is installed is shown in the drawing, below. 

The benefits include the much lower cost and the ease of installation by simply setting an adjustable sleeve coupling PVC fitting into the concrete pour. The membrane is easy to attach to the receptor flange and there are a variety of drain bodies and strainers available. A very important benefit is that the assembly will never rust out and corrode like the metallic penetration systems of the past.

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