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Benefits of the ProSet System: An Overview

ProSet Systems was founded on the basis of providing effective solutions to a number of key problems with pipingóbased on the practical experience and background of Ken Cornwall, a plumbing contractor for many years. ProSet continues to develop innovative fireproof and waterproof solutions which benefit everyone involved in the development, construction and ownership of multi-story buildings.

ProSet Systems will:

  • Save money on electrical, mechanical and plumbing pipe installations

  • Improve contractor productivity through consistent installation procures and elimination of requirement for pipe hangers and riser clamps

  • Improve the quality of pipe installations, with superior, professional and code-compliant penetrations

  • Providing fireproof and waterproof solutions as part of the penetration sleeving system

  • Make it easier to design piping systems

  • Make it easier to prefabricate component systems

  • Improve the predictability of the installation schedule and costs

  • Make life safer for building inhabitants

  • Reduce the inconvenience and cost associated with fire and water emergencies

  • Reduce inspection time through ease of inspection, precision of layout, absence of annular holes and use of prefabricated components

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ProSet Benefits for the Architect and Engineer

Benefits include: a safer building; precise layouts that conform to design specs; lower cost; superior performance; and assistance with innovative or difficult piping issues.

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ProSet Benefits for the Contractor

Benefits include: lower cost of installation; improved on-schedule, on-budget performance; improved quality and performance of work; and advice from ProSet on unusual or complex jobs.

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ProSet Benefits for the Owner and Tenant

Benefits include: fireproof, smokeproof and waterproof barriers between floors for safety and tenant separation; quality and performance of piping; and predictable budget and schedule for pipe installation.

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ProSet Benefits for the Inspector

Benefits include reduced inspection time through ease of inspection; consistency and precision from floor-to-floor; absence of annular holes; and the use of prefabricated products.

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