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Benefits of the ProSet System for Contractors

The use of ProSet Systems in buildings will result in:

  • Increased productivity;

  • Predictability of installation schedule;

  • A higher quality finished product;

  • Advice on special piping or design issues

  • Access to techniques for increasing productivity and productivity;

  • Increased satisfaction and value for the general contractor, developer and owner.

ProSet achieves the seemingly contradictory aims of higher quality, better performance and lower costs through the thorough understanding of piping issues and innovative solutions that come from decades of experience in the industry and a continuing desire to find a better way.

Flexibility in Use
ProSet Systems can be used with any construction system and with almost all types and sizes of pipe. ProSet also has a complete line of fire-rated, government spec drains that are much easier to install. They fit perfectly into the concrete pour without need to jury-rig with wires or spacers.

Lower Installation Costs
The use of ProSet Systems result in lower installation costs. There are increases in productivity due to: 

  • Ease of installation;

  • No need to install riser clamps and pipe hangers;

  • No need to remove and re-install riser clamps to accommodate caulking of penetrations;

  • Straightforward and fast inspection of penetrations

  • Use of pipe fabrication techniques;

  • Sealing of upper floors by ProSet waterproof penetrations, thus eliminating the impact of rain on construction on lower floors; and

  • The ability to work on multiple floors simultaneously.

In addition, because of the simplicity of installation, you only need one experienced pipe installer per installation crew. This allows you to obtain greater installation capacity from you experienced resources.

Predictable Installation Schedule
Also, the installation schedule is more predictable because of the consistency of the ProSet installation process. This means that the installation of piping should not be a factor in delaying the completion of the building. 

Higher Quality Piping Infrastructure    
At the same time that ProSet Systems are increasing productivity and lowering costs, they are also enhancing the quality and consistency of the finished product. There are no annular holes and caulking associated with traditional methods. There are no riser clamps and pipe hangers. ProSet materials are high quality and fire-rated and will last the lifetime of the building.

In addition, where the design a piping module dictates a tight fit, the ability to precisely locate the sleevings and to prefabricate the module results in consistently good fit.

Integrated Firestopping, Waterproofing and Smokeproofing
A key benefit is the ability to provide automatic firestopping, smokeproofing and waterproofing with the installation of ProSet penetrations and products. The ProSet sleeving systems provide effective and superior firestopping, meeting and, in some instances, exceeding code. In addition, the ability to provide waterproof penetrations adds significantly to the value delivered to the developer and the builder owner/operator.

All of the above result in increased satisfaction of the owner and the addition of inherent value to the building, in terms of itís quality, performance and reduction of potential headaches for the owner, lease manager and tenant.

Assistance with Design and Specs: The ProSet Systems Design Center
The expanded ProSet Systems product line provides many options, since it addresses Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Sprinkler applications and encompasses all major construction systems and types and sizes of pipe. We've made it easy and intuitive to get to the solution you need, view the drawings and Warnock Hersey listings and then download the drawings in CAD format. Visit

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