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Guides for Developing a Specification
When Construction System is Not Yet Known

If you are developing a specification and do not yet know the construction system, you can use the guidelines and documents available on this page, in conjunction with free, personal consultation at ProSet Systems, to develop a specification. If you do know the construction system that will be used, you can go back to the ProSet Product Information page to access the information you need to develop a specification.

Sleeves and Firestopping
Use ProSet "Firestop Penetrators", Warnock Hersey classified and listed in the building materials directory. They have been tested in accordance with the ASTM E-814 standards and can be used for all applicable pipe penetrations and plumbing fixture floor openings through Fire-Rated floors, walls or floor/ceiling assemblies, in accordance with the Manufacturer's instructions.

You can download a pdf (Adobe Acrobat) drawing for inclusion in a specification. If you would like to download this document, please click here.

To aid in specifying the correct penetrations, we show guidelines and diagrams, below, of different types of generic penetrations for different types of construction systems. For a more detailed overview of ProSet penetrations, please go to ProSet Penetration Overview.

System "A"
Use System "A" penetrators for: 

  • water lines;

  • heating and cooling lines;

  • fire standpipe and sprinkler lines;

  • temperature control;

  • acid waste glass or durion pipe; and 

  • electric and communication conduit 
    penetrating floors and walls

System "B"
Use System "B" Penetrators for
cast iron or copper DWV pipes for stacks and drains penetrating floors and walls.

System "C"
Use System "C" Penetrators for
plastic DWV pipes for stacks and drains penetrating floors and walls

System "CA"
Use System "CA" Penetrators for
polypropylene acid waste pipe stacks and drains penetrating floors and walls


"1" Indicates use of Cast-in-Coupling Penetrators 
for poured-in-place concrete on steel or wood 
forms in floors or walls

"2" Indicates use of C.H. PVC or Metal Coupling 
Penetrators for cored holes through precast or 
existing concrete in floors and walls 

"3" Indicates use of P-90 Wall Sleeve Penetrators 
for pipes passing through gypsum walls or 
floor/ceiling Assemblies

"4" Indicates use of CM Metal or PVC Slip Flange 
CM Coupling for poured-in-place concrete on 
corrugated metal deck





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