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Benefits of the ProSet System for Inspectors

Ease of Inspection
The primary benefit for inspectors is ease of access and ease of visual inspection. ProSet Systems layouts are neat and free of pipe hangers, traditional riser clamps and caulking. Since the layout is precise and firestopping is integrated with the installation, it is only necessary to verify that the products are being used properly and that there are no apparent alternative products used (for example, adding caulking to a ProSet sleeve).

Ease of inspection is particularly apparent when it comes to the use of the Trap Guard® versus a trap primer. To properly inspect a trap primer, it is necessary to do it in two stages: one before the concrete floor is installed and one after completion. With the Trap Guard®, inspection can be accomplished visually using a flashlight.

Trap Guard® US Patent Number: 6,795,987

Codes and Plumbing Approvals
All ProSet products meet the appropriate codes and have National and Local approvals. In many instances, ProSet exceeds code requirements because our primary motivation is to solve such problems as securing piping and waterproofing, not just meeting the fire codes. 

Information for Inspectors on ProSet Products
If an inspector has any questions on product
installation, performance, fire test listings or the obvious things to look for in an inspection of the product, the inspector can call ProSet’s toll-free number, 800-262-5355, to get the needed information.

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