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Benefits of the ProSet System for Building Owners

When buildings use the ProSet Systems for penetrations, piping and drains, the owner can be assured that the quality of the piping performed in the building is high. Specifically, this means that the work is neat and is easy to inspect. All ProSet Penetrations have been tested in accordance with ASTM E814 fire test standards.

Safety and Tenant Separation
Key sources of benefits to the owner are the fireproof, smokeproof and waterproof properties of ProSet penetrations and products. This enhances the safety and convenience of tenants on floors other than those on which fires and water emergencies occur, we refer to this as tenant separation. When combined with the new ProSet concept of Emergency Drain Systems, using the revolutionary Trap Guard System, this results in very effective tenant separation in the event of water emergencies.

Trap Guard US Patent Number: 6,795,987

Reduced Probability of Problems due to Mold
This combination of waterproofing and drain systems also provides a way to prevent water from penetrating to locations between floors and walls where it can contribute to the development of mold.

Lower Building Costs
ProSet Systems also result in lower building costs. There are increases in productivity due to:

  • Ease of installation;

  • No need to install riser clamps and pipe hangers;

  • Use of Fixed Point Pipe Fabrication techniques;

  • Sealing of upper floors by ProSet waterproof penetrations, thus eliminating the impact of rain on construction materials and workers on lower floors; and

  • The ability to work on multiple floors simultaneously.

 Predictable Installation Schedule
Also, the installation schedule is more predictable because of the consistency of the ProSet installation process. This makes it much easier to develop a realistic installation schedule and increases the probability that the work will be completed as scheduled.

 Higher Quality Building Infrastructure
At the same time that ProSet Systems are increasing productivity and lowering costs, they are also enhancing the quality and consistency of the finished product. There are no annular holes and caulking associated with traditional methods. There are no riser clamps and pipe hangers. ProSet materials are high quality and fire-rated and will last the lifetime of the building.

 In summary, the use of ProSet Systems in your buildings will:

  • Lower costs;

  • Provide peace of mind;

  • Reduce potential liability due to the impact of fires, water emergencies and mold;

  • Decrease the impact of fire and water emergencies on you and your tenants; and

  • Provide a higher-quality building infrastructure that will require less maintenance.

All of these benefits should add to the inherent value of the building if and when you decide to sell.  

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