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ProSet Penetrations:

Information and Drawings


Click on the button, at right, for the most common construction/penetration types.

When you see the Penetrator Matrix Guide, find the size and type (drainage and vent stacks, plumbing fixture openings or pressure pipe/electrical) of penetration you need. Click on the drawing number to view the drawing.

To download a CAD version of the drawing, make a note of the drawing number and select it using Column 2 of the table, below.

If you can't find the penetration you need here, go to the ProSet Design Center or call the ProSet Factory at 800-262-5355

Poured in Place
Cored Hole
Corrugated Metal
Concrete, Block & Gypsum Walls


If you know the ProSet Drawing Number of the product or Warnock Hersey listing,
 you can download a PDF (Column 1) or CAD file (Column 2) in the table below

 If you do not yet know the construction system and would like to download a General Specification, please click here.

For a General, Descriptive Overview of Penetration Systems, Please Click Here



Column 1
Select Drawing Number
to View or Download PDF of Drawing
or Warnock Hersey Listing
Column 2
Select Drawing Number
to Download CAD file of Drawing
or Warnock Hersey Listing

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