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ProSet Tips and Techniques 

This section includes techniques and ideas for improving productivity, reducing headaches and improving the quality and precision of the installation of ProSet products. We receive many ideas from our customers and take the opportunity to pass these along to others.

If you have developed any ideas that you feel would fall into this category and would like to share them, please let us know.

Fixed Point Fabrication
A ProSet  Technique to Improve Productivity and Work Quality

ProSet people know about plumbing. We provide free expertise in plumbing layouts, material handling and DWV pipe prefabrication. ProSetís has a prefabrication system thatís called Fixed Point Fabrication. This method of fabrication has been proven successful on the job-site as well as in the pipe fabrication shop. 

ProSetís fabrication couplings are mounted to a work tabletop. They are located where the simulated fixture openings and stacks would be located on a deck before the concrete pour. The piping is then fabricated to the coupling stacks or fixture openings. 

When the ideal pipe configuration has been decided, a template is then made from the ideal layout. The sleeve couplings are then set and mounted to the concrete form using the same template that was used for fabricating. The fabricated piping will then fit perfectly into the concrete embedded couplings. The system has been proven to improve work quality, increase productivity and reduce the overall costs of construction. 

The illustration, below, shows how a complete, prefabricated component is built in the fabrication shop.


Fixed Point Layout:
A ProSet Technique for Layout of Sleeves that Precisely Matches Design

The ProSet sleeves are installed with a precise layout. In order to make this easier and even more precise, ProSet has developed a simple system featuring a small template that is used in conjunction with a laser to assist with sleeve layouts. 

This not only pinpoints the location of sleeves faster but it means that the sleeve positions will match the design layout precisely and will consistently provide good results.


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